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Welcome to the focusvision style guide. We've created this style guide to empower our design and development teams to create a consistent, delightful experience.

This style guide serves to keep the FocusVision brand consistent and true to is values as we expand and express our brand across our full suite of digital products. At the same time, we try to give our internal teams maximum creative freedom to evolve based on the foundations set in these guidelines.

As we grow, it’s important that we maintain a visual vocabulary to deliver a cohesive experience for our customers. This document should be continuously maintained and evolved with data-proven new insights and best practices, and serve as a single point of reference for all the patterns we use to create our digital products.

Why Use A Style Guide?

A solid foundation helps us build good digital products. Therefore we’ve set up a design system to help anyone who works on our digital products at FocusVision to stay on the same page on how our products should look, feel, and work.

To maximize the value of our product style guide, it is crucial to assign owners for this style guide, and to connect and build bridges between designers, engineers, and products managers to raise awareness and adoption of these guidelines across teams as we work towards building consistent product and experiences.